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A Letter from Kathryn 

Since I was a young girl I can always remember a deep longing for connection. My empathetic nature led me to clothe myself in others pain and exhaust myself as I desperately sought out a solution to offer. Although my intentions have always been to love to my fullest ability, it was actually my personal trauma that informed my skewed understanding on what actions were helpful in regards to others healing. 

As I grew and began to pursue a career in dance, acting, and dance education, I started to realize that this pattern was leading me down a path of beautiful intentions yet my approach was leaving me depleted, unfulfilled, insecure, and anxious. As a performer, everything began to blend, it was hard to know where the performing began and where it ended.


I took a pause.


I begin to question everything. I doubted and questioned, I sought out teachers to help shed light on new perspectives. I reached out until I eventually reached in. The one I desired connection from was me. I needed and still need to pursue myself daily. I spent years of my life seeking to bring peace to the storms around me, but my healing began when I decided to look within and truly feel what the library of my body holds.


"To love another, is to love oneself." 


I am learning to nurture all of my parts. I am learning to accept the vast variety of my emotions and the sensations that accompany them. I am becoming fascinated with how my past has been imprinted in my body and am taking time to rewire it. I am on a journey of uncovering the wholeness beneath my patterns, habits, and fears. I am allowing it all to belong, but slowly building a more lifegiving foundation, from what I focus on to what I put on my skin and in my body. 


As I learn tools that help me, I would love to share them with you, I would love to connect, but this time without the desire to discover a solution. I would love to hold space for you to discover your innate healing power within. Through movement, meditation, and/or mentorship, I would love to walk together along this path of discovery and healing. 

                        in love + in process, 



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